We need a training solution that our employees really want and is cost effective.


When it comes to training, it is easy to assume that we know what is good for employees. We can spend all the time revamping our training strategies, hiring new training providers and building new courses. However, if we are not building what employees actually want, we will not be able to increase employee engagement and get optimal training outcomes. We will be wasting time, money and effort. So then, let’s take a step back and understand what employees actually want when it comes to training.


(1) Relevant Content


Employees do not like learning for the sake of learning. They learn to improve their skills and apply to their everyday jobs. External training providers often provide content that appeal to the broadest possible audience. This may not be tailored to our employees’ needs. Our employees need specific and tangible learning content that is relevant to their jobs. This content is best created from other experienced and high-performing employees within the same organization.


(2) Personalized Training


Every employee has strengths and weaknesses. Traditional training often requires the entire class to keep pace with the trainer. However, when it comes to learning, there’s no such thing as ‘one-size-fits-all’. Therefore, adaptive learning targets the needs of each employee. It is their strengths and weaknesses that pave their learning experience. Employees get frustrated when training is too easy, too difficult or too boring. They want to choose their own pace of learning as well as training content. Personalized learning thus enables employees to understand their individual skills gaps and provides opportunities to address these gaps.


(3) Flexible Training


Employees are busy with their day jobs. They are often fighting fire and do not have time to go for additional training. They want flexibility around what, how and when they learn. As such, mobile learning and bite-sized learning are increasingly popular. We need training solutions that allow employees to learn on the go on their mobile phones (on the way to and from work, in between meetings etc.). Bite-sized learning make it easier for employees to consume and retain knowledge.


(4) Clear Career Pathways


Employees want to know there is a future in our organizations. 94% of employees said that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development. We need a training solution that clearly shows career pathways. A career pathway is a sequence of jobs that allows employees to clearly see and aim for their short and long term career goals. Employees should see where they are currently, where they want to be, and how to get there. For example, a marketing junior aspires to be a marketing director one day. An effective training solution will help the marketing junior see the competencies required to be a director, and the steps needed to get there.


Introducing Overwrite


Overwrite is an adaptive learning platform that uses a smart algorithm to personalize the learning journey. It delivers customized questions and learning materials to target the unique needs of each employee. Employees learn by doing. We believe that practising is the most effective to learn and retain knowledge, rather than simply watching or listening to someone else. We can use Overwrite’s ready-made content or easily create our own courses. Courses include leadership, digital marketing, data science, cyber-security and more. Overwrite also helps employees map out suitable professional pathways based on their learning outcomes and equips them with the expertise to get there.

Training Outcomes


Overwrite enables us to turn the tacit knowledge of experienced and best-performing employees into tangible learning content for the whole company. We can also measure the impact of company-wide training on individual employees. Overwrite’s real time analytics provides an instant overview of everyone’s progress, so we can quantify success every step of the way.


How Overwrite Works

First, employees perform a diagnostic test to test their knowledge in a particular field. Second, employees practise questions given by a smart algorithm that tracks their strengths and weaknesses. These questions are tailored to their competencies. Third, employees track their performance and training outcomes with Overwrite’s detailed analytics. As Overwrite is available on mobile phones, employees can learn at their own time and convenience.

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