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3 Benefits of Learning Through Teaching

You never really learn something until you teach it. Even at work.

It is widely understood that we learn the best by teaching. Teaching provides a medium where fundamental concepts in a learnt theory can be tested. This opportunity to poke holes into theories provides you with the ability to interact with that specific conceptual knowledge once again, to truly understand its foundations and building blocks.

The heightened interactions and questions stimulate the learning centres of the brain to re-construct information. This cements the foundations of a given piece of knowledge stronger.

This ability to interact with knowledge through teaching, more widely known as ‘experiential learning’, allows for information to be absorbed easier. The heightened interactions and questions stimulate the learning centres of the brain to re-construct the information, thereby cementing the foundations of a given piece of knowledge stronger.

Learn through Teaching, Digitally

The digital disruption of 2000s has brought about changes to the way we do things. Like how we communicate, we no longer do ‘experiential learning’ the same way either. Online learning platforms with online courses have paved the way on how we uptake information and interact with education. With autonomy over the style of teaching, activities and content, online courses have now become a front-runner in how we learn new things in this tech age.

This brings a golden opportunity to experiential learning. At first, it might seem that we can’t learn by teaching through an online platform – after all, it’s a screen with information and recordings. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Since learning isn’t about force-feeding clunky bits of information into the brain, but actually about building and interacting with every piece of information in a concept, online learning provides a platform do just that!

How though, you may wonder? By building your own online course.

Online Learning through Online Courses

There are many benefits of building your own online course which help you practice learning through teaching. Not only are the least amount of resources consumed to produce the highest learning output, it can be used for later on when you need to re-visit the topic to revise learning outcomes.

Let’s look at the benefits of learning through teaching, which apply for both online and offline teaching:


Learning by teaching empowers you with the ability to personalise the learning content. Digitally speaking, this means that you get to set the learning outcomes and benchmarks of your online course! Through personalising an online course, you have the opportunity to reflect on the current knowledge and experience you have on the topic, thereby tapping into metacognition. By re-visiting the concepts and personally mapping out the content again, you understand your key points of learning, and it provides a platform for this to be tested when a student interacts with the learning content.

Success Skills

Through teaching, be it face-to-face or online, you develop other skills along the way such as strong communication skills, empathy, project management, swift decision-making and visualisation skills, all of which are useful in goal-setting. These skills enhance your overall learning as you get the opportunity to re-map the learning concepts and question its integrity, thereby stimulating your thinking and improving your overall learning.


High engagement is key when you are trying to learn something. This is precisely the reason why traditional lectures have failed in retaining learning outcomes. Merely memorising regurgitated content isn’t going to suffice for learning. Learning requires connective neurones to be formed, and building concepts through logical thinking. This can be facilitated efficiently through a medium of high engagement. Since learning is a process which includes effort, mistakes, reflection, and refinement of strategies, it cannot and should not be done passively.

Therefore, learning through teaching is the best for improving learning outcomes through improving learning engagement. We have been blessed with dynamic platforms on the internet which allow us to construct online learning modules to facilitate learning through teaching more extensively. Now, you don’t have to wait for someone to ask you a question on a topic – you can proceed to create a course about a topic you’re familiar with and provide yourself with an opportunity to experiential learning.

Learning through Teaching in Companies

While this is useful to individuals, companies can enjoy its benefits too! Through harnessing the power of technology and digital interfaces, companies can now implement training through experiential learning by empowering their employees (in-training) to build courses about what they are learning.

This way, not only do training outcomes stick, but you can potentially save hundreds of dollars through identifying where the gaps are in training and resolve them ASAP! Time to transform the way your company is learning, through teaching!

By Chandni Kundandas

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