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7 Trending Online Courses In 2020

Online courses provide a space for economic and thorough learning opportunities - be that business studies or marketing and everything in-between. Let’s discuss seven online courses that are trending in 2020.

The education sector is transitioning. Long ago, school graduates were faced with two simple options; to pursue further education, or to set their foot upon the careers ladder by applying for either a trade or white-collar position. Life has evolved dramatically, and the digital landscape has disrupted education in an irreversible way. Employees, employers and individuals alike have the option of acquiring the most intricate or the most mainstream qualifications in order to accentuate their business knowledge and technical industry-specific capabilities. Businesses are faced with a growing demand to incorporate diverse job roles in order to operate to optimum potential; from onboarding a marketing team to customer service. While the pressure to discover a ‘career for life’ is an outdated ideology, online courses present a space to expand upon or accomplish new capabilities. Therefore, while careers are interchangeable, workplace online courses provide employees the chance to deepen their skill set within the same business. Employees have the option to reap further skills and education by means of online courses at many points throughout their career journey. Online training is becoming essential in the workplace to empower employees to expand on their technical knowledge, such as becoming a Google Partner or certified under Twitter Flight School. Online courses offer employees the opportunity to gain further company-focussed learning and development, be that in a singular field, or in new career paths. Online learning removes the necessity for a classroom, for a stack of expensive books, or the requirement for stubborn learning patterns. Instead, online learning provides the student with freedom to complete qualifications at any age, in any location, at a variety of levels, and for a range of qualifications. The ability to gain qualifications online also means that students are not restricted to awarding bodies in their home country. This opens up a realm of possibilities and the option to gain tuition in the most niche of topics. Consider the way the world is moving - it is inevitable that new positions that didn’t exist even ten years ago are becoming the norm. Online learning allows employees and individuals to keep up with the pace. Meanwhile, in an era where remote working arrangements and self-employment are more rampant, the need for presenting oneself, your products or your services, are increasingly more important for personal branding. Online courses provide a space for economic and thorough learning opportunities - be that business studies or marketing and everything in-between. So, let’s discuss seven online courses that are trending in 2020. 1. Machine Learning - Coursera This free online course has received a tremendous amount of approval from over 130k students awarding their experience a commendable 4.9/5. With Machine Learning widely accepted as the next step in our digital journey, it makes sense that people wish for a greater expanse of knowledge in the subject area. From self-driving cars to the growing presence of AI, this online course teaches the most effective machine learning techniques and the variety of contexts in which they are applied. The Machine Learning course is delivered by Stanford University in America, so you know it’s credible, and provides a comprehensive gate-way into the realm of machine learning, data mining and statistical pattern recognition. It is entirely flexible around the student’s lifestyle and estimated a total of 56 hours to complete. 2. Inbound - HubSpot Academy At just two-hours long, this popular online course will provide students with the understanding and knowledge of the fundamentals of Inbound. It explores the means to develop a business through inbound flywheel principles. Such skills are progressively important in such sectors as marketing, sales and services. HubSpot has compressed and condensed its Inbound course to present fine-tuned education in this niche yet vital branch in business, and with minimal time constraints. 3. Design Thinking And Creativity For Innovation - edX Trailblazing in the industry is imperative if businesses and employees wish to stay at the top of their game in such transformative moments. The Design Thinking And Creativity For Innovation course, created by The University of Queensland, Australia, provides students with a depth of understanding in human creativity and innovation. It brings to light the ability to notice and act upon opportunities that enable innovation in all types of business sectors; from educational to entrepreneurial. A greater emphasis has been placed on employers to encourage employees to tap into their frontal cortex and connect with their creative flow. This is proven to be beneficial for a range of purposes; from enhancing individual wellbeing to thinking ‘outside the box’ to solve intricate issues. As a result, Design Thinking And Creativity For Innovation is a highly popular online course in 2020. 4. Leadership And Followship - OpenLearn In the realm of the workplace, there is a universal understanding of the general corporate hierarchy. The online Leadership And Followship course, produced by The Open University in the UK, goes into depth of what forms effective (or ineffective) leadership. It teaches ambitious scholars (or even stagnant leaders) the various challenges faced in leadership positions. It works to enhance the skills of prospective leadership candidates or provides fresh insights into ways to propel a team forward. It also encourages online learners to look inwards and consider their own leadership experience which will generate a perspective into the type of leader they would like to become. Rated a strong 4.7/5, this free introductory course (learnt at a flexible pace) produces relevant and essential business skills for a variety of students. 5. Programming For Data Science With Python - Udacity While the previous examples of top online courses in 2020 allow students to learn at their own pace in an open-ended time span, this course suggests a ten-hour a week commitment for three months in order to complete. Earning 4.7/5 from candidates, and built especially for beginners, Programming For Data Science With Python promises to teach the essentials for those hoping to progress in a data science career. This includes the ability to code in Python and SQL. Statistics within the course overview suggest that 59% of businesses are predicted to increase positions where skills in data analysis are mandatory over the next few years. Therefore, this course is labelled ‘most popular’ on the Udacity site. 6. Microsoft Excel - Basic & Advanced - GoSkills This online course does exactly what it says on the tin. Scholars are provided with premium video tutorials and personalised learning options to achieve highly sought-after skills in Excel. With an emphasis on bite-sized learning at a time-frame that is comfortable to the learner, there are no excuses to ignore the opportunity to leap from novice to Excel expert in a matter of months. Excel holds a special place in a plethora of business contexts. GoSkills offers the advantage of highly engaging and self-paced online learning for individuals or employers looking to extend on their business acumen and expertise. 7. Premiere Pro CC 2017 - ITProTV ITProTV places an emphasis on engagement and empowerment. Online courses are presented in a format that replicates the traditional talk show model. In its approach, a host and ‘edutainer’ deliver content to an online audience. This satisfies the need for familiar, easy-going training methods that are far more unique, casual and captivating. The Premiere Pro CC course takes learners on a video editing and application journey; skills that are becoming increasingly important to successfully market to a world that favours instant gratification. Delivering content in video form allows companies to easily overcome this requirement, provided the content speaks to the viewer. As a result, the requirement to develop better videos applicable to a wealth of contexts is critical for the modern-day professional. This online course will provide learners with the best tools for Adobe Premiere Pro (including use of the Creative Cloud). Our Final Message Education has become widely accessible through online learning. Employees, employers and individuals alike have the option of acquiring the most intricate or the most mainstream qualifications in order to accentuate their business knowledge and technical industry-specific capabilities. Often, this is at a distinctly lower price tag to traditional education methods, and what’s more, delivered at a pace that is unique to each learner. Online learning makes progression opportunities convenient, economical, and straightforward. From a couple of hours to weeks of devoted learning, there is an online course for everyone, and discovering yours couldn’t be easier. Consider your current career aspirations, or even your own personal development. From nutritional well being to social science, there is a devoted online course catered to your interests and goals.

By Jack Cannon-Pearson

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